Exit Survey
The National Association of Campus Card Users (NACCU) is conducting a study to benchmark Campus Card program activities across the industry. This groundbreaking study will allow you to compare your program to other member institution's programs which may be similar to yours, referred to as Peer Groups. Your involvement in this research is essential to provide data to represent a meaningful cross section of our membership. To build these benchmarks, NACCU needs your help.

The survey questions are directly related to your program. Publicly available statistics (enrollment, public/private etc.) for your institution have already been collected and verified in order to minimize the number of questions on the survey. We know your time is valuable.

To make it more convenient for you to complete this survey, all program statistics needed are listed in an Excel worksheet. Click on this link to view the Data Collection Worksheet.

The survey will TIME OUT after 60 minutes and your answers will not be saved. Please write down your responses, or use the Data Collection Worksheet to collect your data first.

We recommend you print and complete the Worksheet prior to taking the survey.

We appreciate your time and effort in compiling your program statistics. Future benchmarking surveys will utilize the same format, so you will have to create these reports only once. Your participation is critical in establishing benchmarks for our industry. THANK YOU!

Please be sure to click SUBMIT when you reach the bottom of the survey to ensure your answers are recorded. THANK YOU!

If you have questions regarding this study, please contact the NACCU Education Director, Ms. J├Ârrun Liston: jorrun@naccu.org or phone 406.493.0622 (Montana/Mountain Time).
Please contact jorrun@naccu.org if you have any questions regarding this survey.